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Dental Practice Analysis

Take our Dental Practice Analysis and get a detailed breakdown in graphical format of where your practice stands in relation to 7 key business metrics.


We use proven business tools to educate and coach practice owners to create great practices.

Professional Dental Solutions is a Practice Management Training & Consulting Company.

Our mission is to empower dental practice owners and their staff with the right tools to run their business successfully. With an exact array of business management training and consulting services, we help practice owners at all stages to grow and succeed despite economic challenges and the added confusions of these ever changing times.

What differentiates us from other training and consulting companies is our focus not only in empowering the business owner with the tools he needs to run a business successfully, but on ensuring the business owner knows how to apply the tools he or she learns so that they can essentially become a competent consultant to their own business and more professional at running any business. Our belief is that the value of information does not matter unless one knows how to apply it.

With our full line of services and our unique approach to application, we have helped countless practice owners expand their businesses and finally experience the freedom they sought when they first set out to open their own business.

FREE Practice Analysis!

Do our Free Dental Practice Analysis and get a snapshot of how your practice is doing in 7 key areas including organization, finance and marketing. Pinpoint exactly what areas of your practice need help and find out what you can do about it. To get started Click Here.

PDS is owned and operated by Fortis Business Solutions Inc.